5 of our Favorite Moments from the First 5 Years

Last month, NumNum turned 5 years old. One of the ways we’re celebrating this milestone is with a blog series called 5 in 5. Each of these blog posts will share 5 things that tell you a little more about us and our journey so far. This post revisits some of our favorite moments. Enjoy!

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It Works!
Probably the most surreal moment in this whole experience was watching our son, Conor, use one of our first prototypes in 2012. We popped the top on some yogurt and gave him this strange new utensil. We then guided his hand to the food, then up to his mouth. After helping him that one time, he was off to the races! Watch it for yourself here. If you listen closely, you can hear the elation in our voices. It was an incredible moment, to say the least.

Our son, Conor, the inspiration behind the whole NumNum journey.

Available at These Fine Retailers.
Getting shelf space in any store today is an all out battle. It takes determination, persistence, and a little luck. Fortunately, we had all of those things working for us in years two and three when we got into BuyBuy Baby and Nordstrom, respectively. We started out in just 35 BuyBuy Baby stores in 2014 and today we’re in all 135 locations and are being rolled out to Bed Bath & Beyond stores, as well. Nordstrom originally placed us in their top stores and now have us online. We are grateful to both for taking a chance on our small company. And we’re even more grateful to all the small shops that took a chance on us when no one had even heard of NumNum. Next time you’re looking for a great baby gift, find a small, independent store on our retailer list and support one of them like they support small brands and entrepreneurs across the country.

The #NumNum500.
Two years ago, we had a crazy idea that involved reimagining the bowl. Why? Because we’ve all watched kids struggle to find food in the corners of bowls, right? And we’ve seen a million bowls with small bases and large upper rims just waiting to be tipped over – seriously?!? So we wanted to create a bowl with no corners, no hard edges, and a broad base. We decided to takeĀ  our crazy idea to Kickstarter to see if we could find enough parents and grandparents out there who understood and shared our vision of a world with a stage one bowl that doesn’t easily tip and won’t play hide ‘n seek with food. Enter the #NumNum500. Five hundred brave, visionary men and women who got it! They funded our campaign, breathing life into our Beginner Bowl and making the world a little kinder to little learners. We will be forever thankful. You still rock, #NumNum500!

NN bowl Features

Our First Brand Ambassador: Asher Nash.
Every child is special. But Asher Nash is one of the most inspiring kids we’ve ever met and his mom, Meagan, is nothing short of a superhero. When Meagan was told by a large brand that they weren’t looking for kids like Asher, who has Down syndrome, to participate in their photo shoot, they clearly picked a fight with the wrong person. Meagan whipped up a social media storm that landed both her and Asher on network TV morning shows and made them the face of a movement that calls for inclusion of all children. Inspired by both Asher and Meagan, we felt if we could help their voices carry a little further by having Asher as our brand ambassador, we were on board. To our surprise, they accepted. Definitely in the top two moments from the past 5 years. You can follow Asher on his amazing journey on Facebook and Instagram. Go get ’em, Asher!

View More: http://crystalbarbeephotography.pass.us/asher-vday-2017
Asher Nash, NumNum Brand Ambassador, Rock Star

Patent Number D800,515 S.
You’ve probably heard that the patent system is a bear. It is, indeed. (And making yourself appear large does nothing to help – I tried!). We have filed a total of six applications in five years. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Suddenly, late last fall, our first patent issued on our GOOtensils. It feels awesome to finally hold a patent for our original product idea. One down, five to go!

Next month, our 5 in 5 blog series continues with a post about 5 things we’ve learned in the last 5 years. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur thinking about launching a product, you won’t want to miss this one. Thanks for reading and supporting our small company!


“Yes” is a Powerful Word. Even to a Baby.

If you’re household is like mine, “no” is used way too often when interacting with my son. I frequently challenge myself to find other ways to communicate the intended message and alter the behavior. Distraction works. So does modifying my reaction to be more constructive, such as “let’s do it this way, buddy.” “No” is a sticky word that lingers. It stops curiosity in its tracks and sends the unintentional message of don’t explore, don’t try to do things yourself, don’t develop independence.

One monumental milestone that parents often say “no” to for months on end is self-feeding. When a child is ready to self-feed, pediatricians encourage us to let them do it. They need to explore. Exploring creates new neural pathways that set the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Early self-feeding also nurtures budding self-confidence. And new studies have shown that the sooner we hand over the spoon, the sooner a baby learns to self-regulate food intake, which could prevent obesity later in life. “No,” pediatricians agree, should be reserved for those times when your child is endangering others or him or herself. Still, we say “no.” Why?


All together now: the mess! More specifically, the 6-month explosion that sends your OCD into panic mode. Take a deep breath and relax because NumNums are designed to create less mess. Unlike a spoon, they don’t have a bowl to heap food on. Instead, there’s a flat head that actually grabs and holds food for baby so more of it ends up IN your child than ON them. Plus, there’s no scooping or balancing. All baby has to do is dip and eat. Sure, there will still be a little mess – they are babies after all. But it’s a manageable mess, not a disaster. In the months ahead, you’ll have a happy, confident baby that is developing the skills needed to graduate to the spoon.

So the first time your baby lunges for that spoon, say “yes” to self-feeding with NumNum. We double dare you and your OCD!