Babies, you’ve finally met your match.

Step into any store today and you’ll see lots of bowls: big bowls, small bowls, round bowls, square bowls, cheap bowls. The last thing the world needs is another bowl. But what if someone made a better, smarter bowl specifically for little ones? We were determined to do just that, even if it meant reinventing the bowl altogether.

NN Bowl Quarter

The Most Stable Bowl on the Planet

Traveling to consumer events around the country, we’ve learned from other parents that stability is the number one feature they want and expect in a kid’s bowl. Yet, the industry continues to crank out cheap bowls that are easy to flip. To avoid making the same mistake, we consulted with industrial designers and discovered something very interesting: the broad-based bowl is the most stable bowl on the planet.


Pet Owners Know Something Parents Don’t

Broad-based bowl? It’s a bowl with a smaller upper rim and a wider bottom. The most obvious example of this type of bowl is a dog dish. The pet industry uses this design because dogs have a tendency to tip traditional bowls over. Ding! That was our reaction, too! Broad base, done! Guess you could say that old dogs can teach the baby industry new tricks.


 A Cone-Shaped Interior that Reduces Frustration and Waste

The wider base was a great start, but it also presented a problem. We knew from our own experiences with our son, Conor, that the more expansive the bottom inside the bowl, the more difficulty the child had tracking down the food. So we decided to make the bottom smaller and slope the sidewalls so that – with a little help from gravity – food would shift down the sides and pool in one small, easy-to-find area.

TB ExampleBB Example

While testing the prototype, we discovered that the sloped walls helped in another, unexpected way. For kids just starting utensils, the walls helped guide the utensil to the food! Surprisingly, we hadn’t really thought of that, but it was exciting news. We consulted with feeding specialists to ensure this feature wouldn’t rob the child of any learning experience and they assured us that anything that removes frustration and facilitates success encourages exploration, helping to build both confidence and skills.

NN Bowl Overhead

Me-Too? Not us.

So it was done. Our stage-one Beginner Bowl was complete. If it looks a little like a pet bowl, now you know there’s a good reason for that. It’s by design, quite literally. We didn’t start this company to make me-too products. We started it to make a difference. And sometimes that requires big, bold, out-of-the-box thinking, even for a small bowl for beginners. Scoot over, me-too bowls!

The NumNum Beginner Bowl is now available for preorder at All domestic pre-orders will receive free standard shipping.