3 Reasons You Should Support Our Kickstarter Campaign

Why should you support our crowdfunding campaign for a silly bowl? It’s a valid question. We believe we have 3 great reasons.

  1. You’re supporting American entrepreneurship and helping us stay competitive with the companies that dominate our industry. We are still a startup. Every dollar goes back into production. Unlike the big players out there, we don’t have a budget carved out for product development. But if we don’t continue to innovate, we fall behind and those daunting odds of startup survival start creeping up on us. This is your opportunity to be a nice, little shark that supports entrepreneurship without taking 51% of our company.
  2. It’s a truly innovative design. A bowl is arguably the most difficult item to redesign. It’s a bowl! It has sidewalls and a bottom. Done! But by tuning in to customers over the past 3 years and hearing their thoughts on problem areas and opportunities, and really observing kids as they are starting to explore utensils, we learned that bowls are doing nothing to help our kids learn. In fact, they’re impeding progress by just sitting there. Like the spoon, an adult bowl with vertical sidewalls and a flat bottom is the finish line, not the starting point. Our industrial design team reimagined what a bowl should be for a 1-year-old and this is it! (Psssst, before you even say it, yes, it does use a broad-base design similar to that of a dog bowl. Between you and me, we think dogs may be on to something.)NN bowl Features
  3. Your kid wants you to do it. Kids are frustrated. And they’re trying to tell us. They throw spoons on the floor. Thinking it’s a game, we obediently pick them up for them. What’s really happening is they’re trying to communicate that the spoon is difficult and frustrating. When they try desperately to get food onto their utensil but the food is hard to track down on the bottom of a traditional bowl, they let out a whimper. So we scoop it up for them. That’s not what they want! They want to do it themselves. They want to feel that sense of pride that comes with learning and accomplishment.
  4. You can support the campaign for as little as $1. I know I said three reasons, but I couldn’t end this post without mentioning that you can pledge as little as a dollar. You might even be able to write it off or deduct it pre-tax from something. I have no idea. But it’s a dollar. And that dollar is going to help a lot of kids.

Before our kids can belly up, parents need to belly up. If you don’t have a child of your own or they’re older, you aren’t off the hook. See that baby across the room that keeps making crossed eyes with you? Yep, that one. He’s watching you right now to see what you’re going to do. We’re confident you’ll make the right decision. Click here to pledge. Thank you!