A NumNum Nod to our Bloggers.

Today was a big day for our small company. A story appeared in the Huff Post Parents blog that included a mention of NumNum. “7 Innovative Baby Feeding Products” was the title of the post. And there was our little GOOtensil occupying the number 6 spot. On the Huff Post Parents blog! So cool. A few weeks back, we learned that NumNum was going to be featured in the October issue of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. This magazine lands in virtually every pediatrician’s office across the country. And there on page 28 is our product. Crazy. Layout 1 I was compelled to create a post about this because I’m not sure everyone understands the magnitude of moments like these for a small company. For those who don’t know, NumNum was started out of a garage a year and a half ago by a mom and dad. In June of 2013 – three months after our launch – our product was sold on consignment in one store (Gretchens in Atlanta – Thank you for believing, Ann!). Today, we’re in well over 100 stores in 5 countries. And we’re in the Huff Post Parents blog AND on store shelves in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. Safe to say, moments like these are HUGE! How did our crazy little idea get this far? A lot of hard work by a lot of people, to be sure. Investment dollars from friends and family who aren’t venture capitalists or angels (thanks to all of them for believing, as well). But honestly, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our blogging moms and dads. The story picked up by Huff Post was written by Kimberly McLeod, a mom, wife, marketer and blogger at lifeisalullaby.com. The photo used in the Pregnancy & Newborn piece was shot by Megan Bailey, founder and editor of the beautiful blog Sweet Little Peanut. And the general awareness that led to these and other media opportunities was created by all the bloggers who have reviewed our product, invited us to participate in giveaways, or just helped us spread the numminess. Thank you all for helping us get NumNum out of the garage and into places we never thought possible. NumNum!